Anonymous asked - "How many followers do you have?"

As of now, 637. Why do you ask?

Anonymous asked - "Your blog is very American."


But thanks, haha. :)

Anonymous asked - "single?"

I’m seeing someone. Why, are you?

Anonymous asked - "Do you just wear 874's, or do you like to wear any other kinds of dickies?"

Yeah, I only wear 874’s. And then usually I’ll just cut them into shorts. Gotta love the Dickies, man…

Anonymous asked - "dat tumblr doe."

Which one?

Anonymous asked - "you and i would make beautiful babies"

Only if I can name my first baby girl Eden.

Thanks, man!

Your tumblr is dope!!!!

Anonymous asked - "I could suck you and put your blowjob gifs to shame XD"

So is this a compliment? Haha. 

Anonymous asked - "favorite hardcore bands"

TERROR / Trapped Under Ice / War Hound / Turnstile / Madball / Take Offense / Rotting Out / Reign Supreme / Recon / Blood for Blood / Hatebreed / Agnostic Front

Anonymous asked - "how long have you had this blog?"

November of ‘09. So 3 years this month. :)

Anonymous asked - "how many followers do you have"

Not to be a punctuation Nazi but, c’mon. I have a little less than 600. I don’t see the big deal with follower numbers. Although, I am very thankful for all of my followers. Thank you, everyone. Love you guys to death.

Anonymous asked - "Is it weird that I lurk your stuff all the time?"

Not really, I guess I brought it upon myself when I left my social networks up for everyone to see.

Anonymous asked - "how "big" are you? ;)"

She knows. :D

livvynicole asked - "I just noticed your lil reblog / shout out, haha thank you Vince ! :)"

You’re welcome. :]

Anonymous asked - "do you have a gf?"

I do not.